Dentures are prosthetic appliances that replace missing teeth and help restore a patient’s smile. Removable dentures replace missing teeth in a patient to a more functionally stable position and can be removed and reinserted by the patient himself. Dentures can be tissue-supported or tissue- and tooth-supported. They can replace all teeth (complete dentures) or only a few missing teeth (partial dentures). Partial dentures offer an alternative to bridges. Corona is one of the few dental laboratories in India that fabricates conventional, clasp-retained, removable cast partial dentures.

  • Complete and partial dentures
  • Re-basing and re-lining of dentures

Removable dentures

  •    Complete acrylic dentures offer a cost-effective solution for completely edentulous patients
  •    Partial dentures using DENTSPLY Trevalon Denture Resin ensure optimal quality, occlusion and overall fit
  •    DENTSPLY’s Lucitone 199 offers a strong, cost-effective denture base that provides an impact strength exceeding that of all other denture base materials tested

Flexible dentures

  •    Offer an ideal replacement in areas where heavy undercuts are present
  •    A suitable solution for missing teeth in cases where the patient is medically compromised or contraindicated for osseous surgery

Cast metal-based dentures

  •    Cast metal is used for the full palatal coverage or lingual coverage, greatly reducing the bulk of material and increasing prosthesis longevity
  •    Clasp-retained, removable cast partial dentures are made with Bego’s Wironium CO-CR alloy, an alloy with properties similar to those of Type III gold

Telescopic crowns and overdentures

  •    Offers long-lasting, comfortable solutions that provide great chewing capacity
  •    great chewing capacity Various kinds of attachment systems are available, including ball and socket attachments and bar-retained attachments

Ivoclar Biofunctional Prosthetic System

  •    BPS dentures offer outstanding quality, reduce patient chair time and provide a pleasing esthetic result

Re-basing and re-lining of dentures

  •    We re-base and re-line old dentures to improve comfort
  •    Achieves an excellent fit with bio-compatible materials