Kolkata Dental Art supplements its range of prosthodontic and orthodontic products with a variety of oral health products that enable dental professionals to meet the needs of their patients. Our laminates and veneers offer excellent aesthetics with optimum strength. These tooth-colored, custom-made shells are bonded to the front of the teeth to change the color, shape, size or length of the tooth. Our night guards are effective in preventing harm to the teeth of bruxism patients (patients who grind their teeth during the night). Similarly, our sports guards prevent injury that can be inflicted on the teeth during athletic activity. Kolkata Dental Art also offers bleaching trays for teeth whitening procedures.

  • Diagnostic Wax-Ups
  • Provisional’s / Temporaries
  • Night guards and bleaching trays

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

  •    Our extremely talented team of diagnostic wax technicians sell the case to your patient for you! We work with you to give your patient a visual of what their smile can be and to create a template for the final prosthesis.

Provisional’s / Temporaries

  •    We realize the importance of Acrylic temporaries for your patient and offer the delivery of temporaries as early as possible. The temporaries offer great strength and save you the time and hassle of creating chair-side temporaries. We recommend making the temporaries one shade darker than the final restoration for an additional 'Wow Effect' during the final delivery appointment.

Night guards and bleaching trays

  •    Our Thermoform Department uses the latest techniques and materials to produce bleaching trays, night guards hard/soft and bite splints. . Both an accurate fit and lasting durability are assured with the use of the Vacuformed system and materials.