Kolkata Dental Art fabricates a range of fixed and removable orthodontic products designed to correct problems associated with the placement of the teeth or jaw alignment. In addition to repositioning the teeth for the best possible occlusion, these orthodontic products can also address the facial profile and structure of the jaw. Kolkata Dntal Art offers both active and passive appliances. Active orthodontic appliances apply force to the teeth to change the position of the teeth. Passive appliances help maintain the position of the teeth after repositioning has been achieved through orthodontic treatment. Our product offering includes Begg and Hawley retainers, space maintainers (used to hold a space for a tooth that has yet to erupt), twin blocks (used to correct jaw alignment), and bionators (used to expand the palate and create space for incoming teeth).

Orthodontic Appliances and Retainers – Fixed and Removable

  •    Begg retainers
  •    Hawley retainers
  •    Active retainers
  •    Passive retainers and positioners
  •    Twin blocks
  •    Bionators
  •    Meets orthodontic and post-orthodontic treatment needs